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Keep it Local: Your Gift Guide for Canal Park

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If you’re anything like me, your house is not seasonally decorated, you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, and in fact you only just realized that the holiday season is upon us. To make your life more simple during this present-buying season, I’ve put together a list of my favorite gifts that can all be conveniently found in Canal Park.

Medium Control: Fly Fishing Print

Medium Control’s minimalistic-style designs make a great addition to any room or office. That is why I love their fly fishing print. This screen printed, handmade one at a time print is available in white, steel blue, or olive green. This print is perfect for the fishing enthusiasts (of all ages) on your Holiday shopping list.



Waters of Superior: Jewelry by SilverCocoon and Grace Hogan

Waters of Superior carries the unique jewelry by SilverCocoon. SilverCocoon makes jewelry using felt, acrylic, and leather. The use of these materials gives her jewelry a very organic and distinct look, perfect for the modern and/or outdoorsy woman in your life.




If you’re looking for a more traditional yet still modern piece of jewelry, Waters of Superior also carries work by Grace Hogan. Hogan’s work combines sheet metal and items found along the shores of Lake Superior creating extraordinary pieces that serve as reminders of the greatest place in the world.



Sivertson Gallery: Kenspeckle Letterpress Art Print

Sivertson Gallery has prints for all the art lovers on your list. Art prints ranging from nature themes to depicting life in Northern Minnesota, the Sivertson Gallery will have something for everyone. I love the prints by the local Kenspeckle Letterpress, who gives their animal themed prints a whimsical and humorous element, and think it would make a great addition to them kitchen or dinning room.



Duluth Pack: Scout Pack

To me, nothing screams “north woods” as much as Duluth Pack does. Their Scout Pack makes a perfect gift for anyone in your family. From students, to hikers to everyday users – this pack is perfect for a day away from home. The pack is available in 15 different colors, so you can customize it for the lucky person on your gift list.



Northern Waters: Food Snob Emergency Kit.

I love this gift. I love its description for including zombies and the apocalypse. I love that the gift includes delicious meats from NWSH, a cutting board from Epicurean, a bag from Frost River and a knife for easy cutting. This gift is not only a great grab-and-go on a picnic gift, but stays completely local with various vendors around Duluth.



Canal Park Brewery: Growler  

What’s an easier gift than grabbing beer? A growler is the perfect gift to give to a host or to show up at a party with. Your favorite CPB staple beers are available in growlers and seasonal brews are available as well. Their retail shop is located right next to the restaurant which makes it easy to try a few beers at the bar to decide which growlers you want to take home.



Vikre Distillery

There is no place in Canal Park you will hear me rant and rave about as much as Vikre Distillery. They make gin, aquavit, and whiskey; and everything they create is delicious. I actually didn’t even like gin until I tried theirs (their Cedar gin, specifically). Their crafted cocktails are delicious and their space is the perfect mix of cozy and chic. Any of their products would make a great and simple gift, or you can pair them up with items found in their shop. There, they have t-shirts, sweatshirts, and anything you would need to create the perfect cocktail (i.e. recipe books, equipment, etc).




Cheers to buying local and supporting the community. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.


By Maggie Paulson


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