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Secret Garden Party

Did you attend the 2018 Glensheen Gala: Unlocked and loved it so much you want to make sure it’s on your calendar for 2019? Or, did you want to attend, but you couldn’t make it work with your already-full summer schedule?

THEN, PUT IT ON THE BOOKS, AND BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY. Additional event details about the theme, food, and any other exciting tidbits will revealed throughout the coming year, so make sure to check back often!

Summertime Gardens

See Glensheen’s gardens at their peak and at night. From the Vegetable and Formal Gardens to the Lake Superior Shore and Stone Arch Bridge, there’s no shortage of breathtaking views. There may even be a hidden surprise or two.

The Doors are Unlocked

The Glensheen Gala is the only event allowing guests to explore all of Glensheen’s public spaces, including the second floor of the Carriage House, the famous Third Floor of the Mansion, Clara’s Balcony, and you may even glimpse a peek inside the rarely-opened Silver Safe.

Afterparty – Lake Superior Beach Club

Don’t want to leave at 10PM? We don’t blame you. Instead, enjoy Glensheen’s new Lake Superior Beach Club where tables, games, a bar, hammocks, and stunning views will be waiting for you. The afterparty and bonfires are contingent on fair weather. When visiting a twelve-acre estate located on the shores of Lake Superior, a bonfire is almost a requirement. Grab your beverage and a small snack, listen to the crackling fire and enjoy the view!






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