Canal Park

Puss In Boots

Puss in Boots from Shrek

Puss in Boots

The sassiest and cleverest cat in the kingdom!

An original adaptation written and developed by the Duluth Playhouse’s 
Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) ensemble

Tom, the miller’s son, is left his father’s cat for an inheritance. He’s also expected to get the family mill. Unfortunately, that went to his bossy elder sister, Gabrielle. The cat, however, is no one’s fool. He promises that if Tom gets him a pair of boots, he will make his fortune.

Once he has the footwear and becomes Puss in Boots, the cat sets out on an amazing adventure. It involves meeting the King, the Queen and the lovely Princess Pam, who Puss thinks will make a nice wife for his master! There is only one real obstacle to the cat’s brilliant scheming: The Great Ogre!

Performed by TYA’s adult acting company
Performed on the Depot Theatre stage


Saturdays @ 1pm & 4pm | Sundays @ 2pm

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