Canal Park

The Kenspeckle Letterpress

Ken Speckle Letterpress paint rollers

At the western extremity of Lake Superior, the Kenspeckle Letterpress makes its home in Duluth, Minnesota in the Dewitt-Seitz building of Canal Park. Kenspeckle is a Scottish word meaning easily recognizable or distinctive, and can be applied both to this unique corner of the globe and to the quaint conceits of modern design which Rick Allen and Marian Lansky produce in their cast iron & digital fabrefactory.
Rick prints his wood engravings and lino cuts in small editions using using multiple blocks and hand coloring. Marian prepares limited edition giclees of both Rick’s and her own prints.

Products in their shop include charming and tasteful printed notecards, books, posters, giclees, magnets, tote bags, and other items. Many of their artistic themes include animals, nature and an feel of the local region in Northern Minnesota by Lake Superior.

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