Canal Park

Toys For Keeps

From old-school classics to new releases, Toys For Keeps in Duluth has everything you need to host a game night.
You’ll definitely have a hard time resisting this selection of great electronic entertainment, featuring such fantastic gadgets as video game systems. When you need to keep your little one busy for hours, a new art and drawing toy from this store is sure to keep your child busy. No toy chest is complete without an action figure. Pick up one at this store to make sure you have this for your next play date! If dress-up and pretend play are big activities in your home, a doll from this store will fit right in.
A toy is simply a bundle of fun, and you’ll love that it’s educational, too! Stuffed animals are great gifts to give, make sure to pick one up today. Your boundaries are unlimited when you are in control of an awesome radio control toy. Take it anywhere you want! Or, play construction worker with your kiddos and start building with a fun set from Toys For Keeps. And what better way to pass the time than with some board puzzles and card games?

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