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Every October, the Irvin undergoes a spine-chilling transformation, morphing into a haunted ship where the very ghosts of your worst nightmares come to life, seemingly with no end in sight. Embark on a self-guided tour that unveils the ship’s eerie, hidden identity as you navigate its once-historic corridors turned upside down. The haunted reputation of the Irvin isn’t just hearsay; there have been unexplained sightings and eerie phenomena documented.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss flickering lights and slamming doors as mere theatrics; our resident spirits may manifest at any moment. As you traverse the dim, unsettling passageways, a lingering feeling of never being truly alone will cling to you, because, indeed, you won’t be. In this ghostly vessel, no sanctuary exists.

Starting your journey in the engine room, you’ll wind your way through the ship until you find yourself in the ultimate destination: a chilling maze lurking beneath the frigid depths of Lake Superior. If you thought the rest of the ship was terrifying, brace yourself for the descent into the pitch-black ship’s “dungeon” where uncertainty about your path is the least of your concerns. Watch your back; you’ll never know whose sinister presence might loom over your shoulder.

If you believe you possess the courage to confront your deepest fears, dare to step aboard the Haunted Ship. But remember, only the stout-hearted emerge from this chilling voyage unscathed.

October 5th – October 31st
Thursdays – Fridays @ 6:30 PM
Saturdays @ 4:00 PM
Tuesday @ 6:30 PM (Oct 31 ONLY)


VIP – $66.60
General Admission – $25.00
College Students w/ ID – $10.00 (available in-person at Box Office only)
FastPass (skip the line) – $30.00
Active Military Personnel – $10.00


Various dates, see schedule here for availability.
General Admission – $20.00

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