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#ColorsOfCanalPark Series -The William A. Irvin Ship Level

Colors of Canal Park Irvin Ship Level

Welcome to our new series – #ColorsOfCanalPark! No matter the season, Canal Park is a beautiful place to be. We wanted to highlight that beauty by showcasing gorgeous visuals of the area. To further feature these images, we’ve create custom color palettes to help you bring the #ColorsOfCanalPark to life yourself. For each color in the palette, we’ll showcase a product or business in the Canal Park area that will allow you to “experience” these colors or incorporate them into your own home.


For the first post in our series, we’re highlighting a very colorful side of the William A. Irvin.




Representing the creamy off-white color of sunglow, we have the wheel-thrown, hand-embellished ceramics of Lenore Lampi from the Siiviis Art Gallery. These beautifully handcrafted ceramics would make a perfect accent for your cupboards or dining room table.

Looking for more locally crafted pieces and works of art? Be sure to browse the Siiviis-Silverston Art Gallery. They carry the work of more than 60 regional artists in the form of paintings, jewelry, pottery, and more.




Representing the fun color of taconite we have ceramic pots and vases from Blue Heron Trading Co. Talk about a subtle statement -I saw these guys sitting on the shelf from down the aisle and I was immediately drawn to them. I love pieces that can be both functional and decorative at the same time!

If you need anything for the kitchen -whether is gourmet cooking gadgets, seasonings, colorful containers & home decor, or anything in between, then be sure to check out Blue Heron Trading Company in the Dewitt-Seitz building. It’s a fun shop to browse and you’ll likely end up picking up a new accent (like these lovely colored ceramics) or a new flavor to try. They also offer spring & fall cooking classes. Be sure to check out their class schedule.



Iron Ore

Embodying the iron ore color of the Irvin herself, we have this unique candle painting from the Antique Boutique. The colors in the piece are bold I think it’d make a fun accent for any room in the house. At the very least, it’d be a great conversation starter!

If you’re looking for unique and/or antique home accents, artwork, china, and more, then stop by the Antique Boutique. Their china selection is broad and I’m sure there’s something there that’ll tickle your fancy! The shop and painting-lined hallway are fun to browse.



Martime Blue

Taking on the bold blue hue of martime blue are the playmobil toys at Toys for Keeps. Ready for a little fun and whimsy? Shop for toys, games, puzzles, children’s clothing and more at Toys for Keeps. They carry many quality brand names, like KicKee Pants, as well as products that are wholesome and engaging in nature to help kids learn and grow. In fact, I think I have a good portion of my Christmas list complete after looking around the shop!



Rosie The Riveter

If you’re feeling pretty in pink, then check out the Natural Inspirations grapefruit hand creme and body butter representing our rosie the riveter. This is just one of the many & varied products you’ll find at Two & Company. Located in the Dewitt-Seitz building, Two & Co. is a crazy-fun, eclectic shop. They carry everything from chic attire and urban gifts, to handcrafted jewelry and baby toys. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you walk around, because you never know what you may just find in this one-of-a-kind shop.




Once again, the #ColorsOfCanalPark series: Photo 1 -The William A. Irvin Ship level featuring the color palette of Sunglow, Taconite, Iron Ore, Martime Blue, and Rosie the Riveter.



Stay tuned for future posts in the #ColorsOfCanalPark series where we’ll bring you another stunning photo and custom color palette. To receive the updates directly to your inbox, so you don’t miss a thing, join our email list now>>



By Jessica Carl


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