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ColorsOfCanalPark Series

Welcome back to another post in our #ColorsOfCanalPark series! Our first post highlighted the eye-popping colorful side of the William A. Irvin. Today’s photo and color palette will highlight the slightly darker and more color-rich side of her harbor home. As a reminder, we’ve taken each color of our custom color palette and matched it with a featured product or business in the Canal Park area that will allow you to “experience” these colors or incorporate them into your own home.


#ColorsOfCanalPark William A. Irvin Harbor


Freighter Red

First up we have Duluth Pack’s Medium Market Tote representing the vibrant freighter red color. Coming from Duluth Pack, you know this tote is “northwoods-strong.” The bag is the perfect size for everyday use and it has 4 snaps on each side to secure the bag if desired. All Duluth Pack bags are handcrafted. In fact, you receive a signature of love on your product tag from the craftsperson who personally made your bag.


Maroon Duluth Pack Medium Market Tote



Next up we have a Duluth Minnesota lift bridge coffee mug from Northwoods Confections & Gifts to showcase our smoky blue seafair color in the palette. This locally made coffee cup is just one of the many items that Northwoods carries. They offer a wide selection of both gifts and confections -something for every taste or person on your souvenir list. From delectable chocolates and comfy shirts, to Minnesotan home decor and children’s toys, Northwoods Confections & Gifts could just be your one stop shop for goodies.


Duluth Minnesota lift bridge coffee mug


Cargo Gray

To show off the cargo gray color we have the Duluth Pack Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack. Yep! Another Duluth Pack bag -because they are so awesome, durable, and versatile. This bag is the next step up from their very popular roll-top scout pack. According to the site, it’s ideal for bikers, commuters, students, and even photographers. The handmade bag features direct access through a side zipper, strap side wings for added comfort, and riveted leather for extra reinforcement.

Since 1882, Duluth Pack has been handcrafting leather bags, packs, and outdoor gear. They are the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack company in the U.S. Duluth Pack offers a lifetime guarantee on their craftsmanship and hardware of all their products.


Gray Duluth Pack Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack


Calm Breeze

Representing the cool gray of calm breeze we have Reierwoods from Toys for Keeps. The little tree that’s nearly front and center is a perfect match for this color palette hue. These adorable and whimsical trees are handcrafted from reclaimed wood by local artist Herb Reiersen. Toys for Keeps carries a variety of local items such as these wooden trees in addition to their toys, games, children’s clothing, dolls, and books.


Reierwoods handcrafted wooden trees


Ore Dock

Matching the dark slate gray of ore dock are handmade custom rock necklaces from two & co. These necklaces are made by local artists from Lake Superior stones. They are truly one of kind pieces of jewelry. These aren’t the only unique treasures you’ll find at two & co. Their entire shops carries a fun and eclectic mix of jewelry, clothing, gifts, accessories, toys, and more. Be sure to give yourself some extra browsing time when stopping by; there’s just so much to explore!


Lake Superior rock necklaces and earrings


Once again, the #ColorsOfCanalPark series: Photo 2 -The William A. Irvin Harbor Home featuring the color palette of Freighter Red, Seafair, Cargo Gray, Calm Breeze, adn Ore Dock.


#ColorsOfCanalPark William A. Irvin Harbor


Stay tuned for future posts in the #ColorsOfCanalPark series where we’ll bring you another stunning photo and custom color palette. To receive the updates directly to your inbox, so you don’t miss a thing, join our email list now>>


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By Jessica Carl


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