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Canal park is known for being one of the major port cities in the United States. With hundreds of ships visiting each year, and a one of a kind lift bridge, it has also become a huge tourist destination as well. We’ve collected some of the most interesting facts on Duluth’s shipping industry and how it came to be!


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Duluth Shipping


-The actual canal started being built in 1870 and was finished in 1871


-There is an old legend that the canal was built in 3 days, but it actually took almost a year due to the cold temperatures and the ground freezing


-Duluth is the largest port on the Great Lakes, mainly transporting coal, iron ore, and grain


-Duluth is the second largest city off of Lake Superior’s shores


-The harbor is 2,342 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean


-The depths of the harbor were initially only 6-8 feet deep, they now are almost 30 feet deep!


-Until the lift bridge was built, people accessed Minnesota Point or Park Point by ferry


-In 1904 people upgraded to a giant gondola to get across to park point 


-The famous lift bridge wasn’t built until 1939


-Initially the lift bridge was called the Duluth Aerial Ferry Bridge.


-The lift bridge can rise in 55 seconds, making it one of the biggest and quickest bridges of it’s kind


-Small steam tug Frank C. Fero was the first boat through the canal


-Each year there are about 900 vessels that visit Canal Park


-Lakers are a type of ship that makes up about 90% of traffic


-The largest Lakers that visit Duluth are over 1,000 feet long





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